Many myths surround Domestic Abuse, however, it is highly likely that most of us will experience some form of Domestic Abuse at some stage of our lives. 

Domestic Abuse affects men, women, children, disabled people, same sex couples,  the elderly and people with learning difficulties,  regardless of age, gender, geography or wealth and there is no level of education.

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People who are or have been in abusive relationships are often left with painful confusing feelings, victims often feeling largely to blame for what has happened. 

You may be the victim of abuse or you may know someone who is being abused & feel you want to help & understand what they are going through. 

Could it be you that hurts the person you love and you worry about your lack of ability to manage your anger appropriately? 

The services offered by the Freedom Project West Cumbria are open to anyone, especially those who are or have been in an abusive relationship including their family and friends. 

The links on this page are designed to help you gain an understanding about the help and support that is available and the extent of the problem that faces individuals, families & society alike.

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